I am sharing this article from the Washington Post because it confirms what I suspected. Trump picked cabinet members based on whether they looked the part. He wanted his cabinet to look as if they came from Central Casting. Doesn’t Rex Tillerson look like a Secretary of State? Doesn’t Betsy DeVos look like a woman who devoted her life to little children (except for the smirk and the designer suits)?

There are a couple of sane people that somehow got into the mix. Like General McMasters. Trump thinks that the way to defeat ISIS is to say the magic words, “radical Islamic terrorism.” General McMasters thinks it is a bad idea to demonize an entire religion, since we need the help of non-radicals to defeat ISIS. But Trump’s mentor Steve Bannon and his chief speechwriter Stephen Miller don’t agree with General McMasters. So expect to hear more about the war between civilizations. Even George W. Bush is speaking out against Trump’s war on the media and Trump’s war on Islam, but Trump knows his base loves it. Who ever thought we would look back on W. as a model of civility?