A notice in my email:

Progress NC Action

Diane – We’re days away from losing 6 years of NCAA tournaments and the $250 million in economic activity they’ll bring to our cities, counties and state. It’s as if the state legislature, led by House Speaker Tim Moore and Senate President Phil Berger could not care less.

And now conservative politicians in Raleigh have rolled out a so-called “compromise” bill that would repeal HB2, and replace it with HB 2.0.

Click here to add your name and tell politicians in Raleigh to fully repeal HB2 and ensure protections for the LGBT community in NC.


Here’s what HB 2.0 does:

Prohibits cities from protecting transgender people in public facilities.

Local governments that enact nondiscrimination ordinances could have those policies overturned by a referendum.

State law would explicitly exclude LGBT people from nondiscrimination protections in housing and employment.

Sound familiar? HB 2.0 keeps the most discriminatory parts of HB2 in place and calls it a fix. Who do politicians in Raleigh think they are fooling? Governor Cooper, EqualityNC and progressives across the state have condemned the proposal, with EqualityNC calling it an unprecedented failure of leadership.

The NC Chamber of Commerce has come out in favor of it, but then again the Chamber was a big backer of the original HB2! So no surprise that they support HB 2.0.

Click here if you’re tired of the political games and want politicians in Raleigh to finally repeal HB2 in its entirety and guarantee protections to the LGBT community.

Time is running out and the ball is in Berger’s court. Will we get leadership, or more discrimination?


Evan Degnan
Digital Director, Progress NC Action