Peter Greene admits that Trump called him out.


Peter is rolling in dough because he is a teacher. He has a maid and a butler and a Lexus and a BMW.  His school is flush with cash. When he is in school, he is careful never to teach anything to anyone, certainly not to the beautiful ones. If he makes a mistake and accidentally teaches something, he could be in trouble with the union. Oh, no!



It’s the most fundamental oath we take when we join the vast union-run government school conspiracy– whatever you do, make sure that you deprive students of all knowledge (especially the young and beautiful ones– it’s generally allowed to slip a few bits of knowledge to the older and ugly ones).


But I had done it. I had failed to deprive Susie of all knowledge, and now my union bosses will probably call me in for severe criticism, maybe even docking some of my conspirator’s pay. Of course it’s distressing– we just put a down payment on another home in the Hamptons (this one has a nicer view). I suppose we can sell off some of the jewelry.


Am I upset? Of course– I violated my most sacred teacher oath and accidentally taught someone, and we teachers take our oaths to interfere with education just as seriously as doctors take their oath to deny health care.


But now that we live in Trumpistan, under a leader who fully understands what we’re up to–well, we fought off the people who tried to prove we are denying students all knowledge by catching us with their tricky and insightful tests. But how will we deal with someone who has such keen insight into how the whole government school scam works as just a front for funneling tax dollars to make union teachers a special rich wing of the Democratic party? Now that Trump and DeVos have found us out and want a piece of the action, can even extra sacrifices to the Dark Lord help?


Collapse? No, no, I’m okay. I look shaky? Maybe I should sit down, but I’m not sick– I’m just flush with cash.