Matt Wyatt is president of the school board in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. He knows that the new Republican governor and Republican legislature are eager to launch charter schools, using the same tired promises that have failed everywhere else.


No, charters will not close achievement gaps. No, charters will not produce innovation. No, charters are not public schools.


Charters will drain resources from public schools, waste money, and close if they choose in mid-year.


Invest in public schools, says Wyatt.


When the Eluzabethtown school board declared their opposition, the free market ideologues at the libertarian Bluegrass Institute attacked the board for its devotion to public schools. It produced data showing that there is an achievement gap in Elizabethtown. But it did not produce data showing that charter schools had closed the achievement gap anywhere: not in Detroit, not in DC, not in Milwaukee, not in New Orleans. Nowhere.


Ignore them, do what’s right for your children and your community.