This is a stunner. Facebook has hired Campbell Brown to smooth over bad feelings with the mainstream media.


To friends of public education, Brown is known as a propagandist for privatization.


Will she give up her billionaire-funded role at The 74?


In recent years, Ms. Brown has emerged as a major player in the pitched political battles over charter schools, prominently clashing with teachers unions while advocating against teachers tenure. She is married to Dan Senor, a Republican foreign policy adviser and former White House adviser, who is making his own media foray with a bid to buy the Israeli financial newspaper Globes. And, during the campaign Ms. Brown was critical of Donald J. Trump.


But Facebook executives said they were hiring Ms. Brown for her understanding of the news industry as a one-time White House correspondent, co-anchor of “Weekend Today” and primary substitute anchor of “Nightly News” at NBC News, and prime-time anchor on CNN, which she left in 2010.


She served on Betsy DeVos’ board at the American Federation for Children (a pro-voucher organization of right-wingers) and DeVos held to fund Brown’s anti-union activities.