George Lakoff is a scholar of rhetoric and communications. His book, “Don’t Think of an Elephant” is a classic. As soon as you tell people, don’t think of an elephant, that’s all they can think of.


Lakoff explains here that repeating Trump’s lies and outrageous statements helps him. Reframe the discussion, not in his terms. Here is a start on reframing the narrative: never forget that he lost the popular vote by nearly 3million votes. He is a minority president. He is a Loser. Loser. He has a very thin skin. Laugh out loud.


A few years ago, I spent two hours talking to Lakoff and getting his advice about how to frame the issues in education. I have tried to internalize what he told me. Liberals think that people are persuaded by facts and reasons. Conservatives know that people are moved by narratives and emotion. Conservatives have a morality story about the strict father, who is always right. No shades of gray. I’m still stuck in the facts and reason mode. I haven’t figured out how to change that.