Eva Moskowitz may or may not have been invited to join the Trump administration as Secretary of Education, but she announced that she is staying in New York to run her charter chain. She is an avid fan of Common Core, and as reported yesterday, some Trump supporters oppose both her and Michelle Rhee because of their Common Core advocacy.

Meanwhile, a new name has surfaced. The Detroit News reports that billionaire Betsy DeVos, a school choice zealot, is in the pool of possible secretaries for Trump. DeVos is active in the Michigan Republican Party, and has funded the pro-voucher, pro-charter American Federation of Children.

Ed reformers like to pretend that they are liberals, as they advocate for school choice and privatization. Trump has brought their agenda to fruition. When you think of Trump’s education agenda, think charter schools, vouchers, school choice, privatization.

DFER can disband now. President-elect Trump is on their side.