Angie Sullivan, Nevada teacher, reports on the bizarre actions of Andre Agassi, one-time tennis star and high school dropout. His flagship charter school that bears his name is on the state’s list of persistently low-performing schools. It is also known for high rates of teacher and principal turnover. The state may give Agassi’s charter to another charter operator. But Agassi and his business partner Bobby Turner have raised nearly $300 million to build charter schools around the country.

Sullivan writes:

Turner-Agassi Charter School Facilities Fund II, L.P. raised $296,294,416 on 2016-06-16.

Agassi has become a very very wealthy man selling his “charter doctrine”.

Unfortunately, his own flagship charter school shows charters are the ultimate tax payer scam.

The worst schools in the state of Nevada are charters.

In particular, Agassi Preparatory is not graduating, not performing, not achieving.

Agassi has open the door financially for other Vegas charters which are also on the lowest performing list.

He preaches charter doctrine all over he United States selling real estate and profiteering.

This isn’t really about kids. This is about cold hard cash.

Now Agassi charter may be taken over by another charter.

The tax payer needs to be asking some serious questions about who is making money from these charter deals.

The tax payer needs to demand some accountability and transparency from Nevada’s charters.

This is some serious fraud and waste.

Someone needs to be accountable for this fiasco.

Maybe the Charter Authority needs to answer some questions.

Maybe the Nevada State Board of Education.

Maybe the Nevada Department of Education.

Who knew all these charters were failing and either covered it up or did nothing about it? It looks like it’s been going on for at least a decade too from the data I’ve been collecting.

Not good.

Dirty dirty dirty.