David Fahrenthold of the Washington Post has written a series of stories about the Trump Foundation. He reported that Trump has put any money into his foundation since 2008; that he collects contributions from other people and then makes splashy donations, claiming credit even though the money did not come from him. Fahrenthold then learned that Trump owed some business debts and used the money in the foundation to pay them off, which lawyers may call “self-dealing.” The foundation is currently under investigation by the New York State Attorney General.

Today, the Washington Post excoriated Trump for the campaign’s response to Fahrenthold’s stories, which raise serious legal and ethical questions. The letter assailed the reporter for his “bias,” slammed his articles as full of factual errors and omissions, but did not bother to mention a single fact or omission in Fahrenthold’s reporting.

This seems to be Trump’s style. If you can’t answer the question, smear the person who raised it. You can anticipate that any question about his actions or words will be answered with an attack on Clinton or Obama or both. Watch him as he deflects and blames. The letter in this post is a good example of that strategy.