Rupert Murdoch made M a big bet on Joel Klein and his promise to bring radical disruption to the education marketplace, as he had brought radical disruption to the Néw York City public schools as Chancellor. Murdoch invested $1 billion in Klein’s Amplify company, which was competing with the giants in the business.

Amplify was a bust. It lost tens of millions every year. This year it lost $371 million, and Murdoch pulled the plug.

Only one district bought Klein’s tablet: Guilford, NC. Unfortunately, the new tablets had many problems. Screens broke. Chargers melted.

Now Amplify is searching for an investor so it can focus on curriculum and assessment. It is not clear that the market has room for this newcomer.

That’s the risk of the marketplace. Businesses come and go. Reputations rise and fall. Innovations may fail. People lose their shirts. Disruption is no guarantee of success.

Sort of like charter schools.