The hunger strikers at Dyett High School in Chicago entered its 10th day.

The strikers want Dyett to be reopened as the only remaining neighborhood in their neighborhood, Bronzeville.

One of the hunger strikers passed out. The health of others is in jeopardy. I am worried about my friend Jitu Brown.

No word from the Mayor or his school board.

Peter Greene says it took the Chicago Tribune right days to report that there was a hunger strike in their city, and the reporting was condescending.

“Mind you, they didn’t cover it all that well. They reported the 13-student enrollment class without any context, as if it were the result of “plunging enrollment” and not a phased closure (with CPS encouraging students to get out of Dodge).

“They reported the two other proposals uncritically. They didn’t explain Little Black Pearl’s non-past operating schools, and I am becoming really curious about who is behind the athletic school proposal which is always only linked to Charles Campbell, the Dyett interim principal. They did not mention that CPS entertains his proposal even though it was late.

“The Trib reported the community proposal, but put “leadership and green technology school” in quotation marks as if this were some sort of crazy idea that community members just pulled out of thin air, as if it were like a school for chinchilla ranchers or underwater basket weavers. And Trib– you left off “global.”

“And the Tribune made sure to note that the group on hunger strike has always been tied to the Chicago teachers’ union (you know– Those People).”

Peter says: click on the Trib link so they know you want to read more.

Here it is.

Click on it. Peter’s idea must have worked because as I wrote this post, the Trib posted another report (see above, 6:11 EST).

And say prayers for our friends who are putting their bodies on the line for the children and the community.