Paul Thomas quotes Susan Ohanian, who has been blogging for 13 years. Ohanian wrote that she is cutting back on her blogging because “Everybody blogs. Nobody reads.”


He writes:


“The online world of public debate about education and education reform has included the ugliest part of social media—anonymous vitriol—but it has also, for me, created a much more troubling dynamic. On more than one occasion, I have been refuted and attacked (based on false assumptions) by those with whom I share solidarity.


“It is all too easy, then, for those of us who share the same mission to turn on each other while those who are running the education reform machine sit by mostly untouched.


“In fact, that is what the minority in power thrive on—divide and conquer.”


I want to encourage Susan and Paul to hang in there. People do read you. They count on you. They learn from you. Ignore attacks, whether they come from critics or allies. Your voices matter. Never underestimate the trolls. They have a job to do. So do you.


Stay with us. We need you