This is a good article about Lily Eskelsen Garcia, who assumes the presidency of the NEA in September 1. She taught for many years in Utah, ran unsuccessfully for Congress, and was Utah’s Teacher of the Year.

Read her interview with Valerie Strauss. She knows how stupid VAM is, and she has a few choice words for Campbell Brown. She thinks Arne Duncan is a nice man who is “wrong, wrong, wrong.” Lily is passionate about the testing mania that is warping American education. She says that educators should do what’s right for kids and forget the reformers (easier said than done when the “reformers” control the legislature and hold the governorship and pass laws that are bad for kids.)

She has the potential to be a great voice for teachers, and early indications suggest that she won’t sell her soul or her members to get “a seat at the table.” The question is whether she is prepared to fight that nice man who is Secretary of Education and who demands more testing and more firings based on test scores.