The recent victory of Ras Baraka in the mayoral race in Newark was truly a people’s victory.

The central issue was the future of Newark’s schools, which have been under state control since 1995.

Baraka was opposed by a charter school supporter named Shavar Jeffries, who was bankrolled by out-of-state hedge fund managers, Democrats for Education Reform, and other Masters of the Universe.

Blogger Darcie Cimarusti, aka Mother Crusader, decided to deploy her extraordinary research skills to find out where the money came from.

Darcie was able to get the latest available financial disclosure forms that list the contributors to both candidates.

She determined that Jeffries outspent Baraka by 8-1.

Education Reform Now’s Super PAC kicked in $3, 050,000.

Michael Bloomberg added $400,000.

Other financial moguls brought the total to $4,779,040.

After she listed the financial filings, names and locations, she made the following startling point:

“I hate to belabor a point, but once again, not a soul from Newark. Instead, huge donations rolling in from Greenwich, CT; Boca Grande, FL; Denver, CO; and San Francisco, CA.”

But what about those unions. How many times have critics complained that the unions outspend everyone else?

New Jersey unions spent a grand total for Baraka of $31,450. Of that total, $450 came from the Newark Teachers Union.

The Working Families Alliance, which includes unions, spent $400,000 for Baraka.

The national AFT added $93,000 for Baraka.

The total spent for Baraka by unions and others: $604,211.

The total spent for Jeffries by his supporters on Wall Street, Greenwich, Ct.; Boca Grande, Florida; Denver; and San Francisco: $4,779,040.

Yup, Jeffries outspent Ras Baraka by 8-1.

What’s the point?

Baraka’s victory was a big setback for corporate reformers.

Democracy can beat Big Money.

Newark finally has a mayor who will fight for its people and its children, and who will stand up to the plutocrats instead of joining their club.