We understand that Arne Duncan prefers privately managed charter schools to public schools, but why is he supporting the Gulen Movement?

Is it because it is the largest charter chain in the US, with nearly 150 charters, all led by Turkish men?

Politico.com writes:

“GULEN INSTITUTE LANDS HIGH-PROFILE SPEAKER: Ken Bedell, a senior advisor in the Education Department, spoke Wednesday at a conference about educating low-income students sponsored by the Gulen Institute. The Institute, based at the University of Houston, is tied to a reclusive Muslim cleric, Fethullah Gulen, who emigrated to rural Pennsylvania in the late 1990s after suspicion arose in Turkey that he was involved in a plot to overthrow the secular Turkish government. Despite his seclusion, Gulen has been very much in the news of late: His followers in Turkey are believed to have instigated a corruption investigation that now threatens to bring down the current Turkish government.

—In the United States: Gulen is believed to have inspired the founding of more than 100 charter schools run by a loose affiliation of Turkish-American educators. They have sparked concern in some communities. In December, the FBI raided one such school in Louisiana. The Education Department declined to comment on the decision to have Bedell address the conference. A senior adviser with the department’s Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships Center, Bedell spoke on the role of government agencies and non-governmental groups in the education of disadvantaged youth.”

Many people have wondered why the US looks to another country to run so many schools and why the Gulen movement.

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