An article by Karen Matthews in Huffington Post says that Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio plans to charge rent to well-resourced charter schools, a pledge he made during his campaign. Most charters in New York City are co-located in public schools, where they pay nothing for their use of public space and they take away much-needed classroom space from regular public schools.

Charter schools in New York City take up a majority of media space, yet serve only 6% of the city’s students.

Some charter executives receive large salaries. More than a dozen are paid more than the Chancellor of the public school system, who oversees 1.1 million students.

Critics note that more than a dozen New York City charter school executives are paid more than current New York City Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott’s $212,614. Harlem Village Academies chief Deborah Kenny earns $499,146. Eva Moskowitz, a former City Council member and founder of Success Academies, earns $475,244.

Moskowitz, with 6,700 students, has the city’s largest charter chain. She hopes to add more schools next year.