I wrote an earlier post about how the State Commissioner of Education in Missouri, Chris Nicastro, is working closely with a libertarian, free market group–funded by a billionaire hedge fund manager– to draft language for legislation to strip teachers of tenure. As a reader pointed out, it is actually worse than I wrote.

The goal is to put an initiative on the ballot to revise the state Constitution, not only to remove teachers’ right to due process, but to insert test-based accountability into the Constitution of Missouri and to make sure that teacher evaluation is not subject to collective bargaining in the future. This is horrific. It is not based on research or evidence but on ideology. It ties education in Missouri to the standardized testing industry.

Most scholars agree that test-based accountability is unstable and inaccurate. The teacher who gets a high rating one year may get a low rating the next year, because the ratings fluctuate depending on who is in the class, not teacher quality. The so-called “reformers” appear to be completely ignorant of or indifferent to the research documenting the unreliability of test-based accountability.

The reader from Missouri writes:

This is not draft legislation, but rather language for an initiative petition to change the state Constitution. The ballot language approved by the Secretary of State follows.

Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to:
•require teachers to be evaluated by a standards based performance evaluation system for which each local school district must receive state approval to continue receiving state and local funding;
•require teachers to be dismissed, retained, demoted, promoted and paid primarily using quantifiable student performance data as part of the evaluation system;
•require teachers to enter into contracts of three years or fewer with public school districts; and
•prohibit teachers from organizing or collectively bargaining regarding the design and implementation of the teacher evaluation system

If enough signatures are gathered this could appear on the ballot in November of 2014.