If you really want to know what the New York City public schools are doing to make sure that five-year-olds are on track for college and/or careers, read Gary Rubinstein’s description about his daughter’s Common Core workbook for kindergarten.

State officials claim they don’t want to test children in k-2, but that is not what the workbook says.

Gary notes:

Each page of the book features in large letters the words ‘TEST PREP’ so any administrator who claims that they don’t encourage test prep for kindergarteners is lying.  Also notice that these kindergarteners are getting early practice in bubbling. 

He reproduces example after example of math questions that the students are supposed to answer.

These five-year-olds are expected to know how to add and subtract and to do problem-solving. There is even some algebra thrown in for good measure.

Gary thinks the $30 that this workbook cost would be better spent on field trips and activities.

One of his commenters said that the workbook is not itself Common Core but a publishing company’s effort to implement Common Core.

I expect we will see many publishers using their resources to make school as “hard” as possible so that five year old children are on track for college and careers.