Governor Tom Corbett’s budget cuts may have claimed their first victim.

Daniel Denvir writes:

“Sixth-grader Laporshia Massey died from asthma complications, according to her father, who says he rushed her to the emergency room soon after she got home from school on the afternoon of Sept. 25. He says Laporshia had begun to feel ill earlier that day at Bryant Elementary School, where a nurse is on staff only two days a week. This day was not one of those days.

“Daniel Burch, Laporshia’s father, is angry and wants to know whether Philadelphia’s resource-starved school district failed to save his daughter’s life.”

Every school should have a school nurse on duty every day, but Philadelphia has a $300 million deficit. The district has been under state control for a dozen years. The State Constitution says that maintenance of education is a state responsibility but Corbett does not agree with the state constitution.