This teacher left a powerful comment about how he
educated about real life by teaching. The myths
he had learned in
his youth fell away when confronted
by the children whose lives are
burdened by poverty.
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voice. This reader said in a comment: “People harass me
for talking about poverty all the time. I come from a middle
white family, and I was sheltered away from the
poor and needy. I
attended a middle class and upper
class private school just south
of Detroit. “After
teaching in public schools since the late 90’s
having never walked in one until I began to teach), I now the
see the world I was sheltered from. It is a world of poverty.
agree that people should be responsible, but when
the game is
rigged, even responsible people falter in
finding work. Once the
jobs are gone, families suffer,
and this seemingly “responsible
behavior” becomes a
smoke and mirrors argument. “Public schools
saved me from the closed mindedness that comes from
this conservative mindset. I understand now what we need. We
strong public services (including education),
strong labor unions,
and a government not run by
corporations. “Shame on my family for
raising me to
believe I was something special, and everybody else
not because they were not willing to work as hard as I was.
What a crock.”