Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal went into a partisan rant before a far-right audience, complaining that the U.S. Department of Justice had sued to block the state’s voucher program.

The legal action was taken to prevent vouchers from undermining desegregation in counties (parishes) that remain under court order.

In a bizarre twist, Jindal portrayed himself as a champion of the civil rights of poor children, helping them escape the state’s “failing schools” to flee to religious schools, some of which have uncertified teachers and use textbooks that teach creationism and Bible-based interpretations of history. The school that received the most voucher students has already been kicked out of the program for defrauding the state.

Out of 380,000 students eligible to receive vouchers, only 8,000 applied. No stampede there.

The funding for the vouchers was already struck down as unconstitutional by state courts because they took money dedicated in the state constitution to public schools.

We are in bizarro world when a rightwing champion of market-based education claims to be a civil rights champion.