President Obama proposed a plan to rate colleges much as
schools are rated now. Their federal assistance would be based on
performance indicators. This is supposed to save money but 75% of
college instructors are already adjuncts, working for peanuts. More
likely, the President loves Big Data and wants metrics. Next step:
technology to replace adjuncts. That will cut costs for sure. The
ideal university: a President overseeing 4,000 computers and an IT
staff to repair them.

For some strange reason, the Obama administration wants to extend federal control over the world’s greatest system of higher education. It is not as if there is evidence for anything they propose. It never occurs to them that they could break the system by Imposing the cost and burden of federal mandates.

Dare I say that I predicted this in January 2012
speaking to the National Association of Independent
Colleges and Universities? How will they test and measure the value
of art history? Latin? Sociology? Music? Who ARE these