A teacher sends this description of what passes for critical thought in his school. Read it through and ask yourself whether it makes any sense always to advocate someone else’s opinion. What if their opinion is wrong? What if they are spouting nonsense? If everyone advocates someone else’s opinion, will we be lost in a Tower of Babel where no one has any authority, and everyone is advocating someone else’s opinions, and ideas become fungible and meaningless?

The teacher writes:

“Fabricated and orchestrated grit! Yet we will do it with an appropriate expression on our face, and will do it through “consensus and collaboration.”

Our High School – which has been touting “Global Citizen” and “21st Century Skills” for a few years just created a rubric for “Respect of Another’s Opinion.”

The lowest level was “tolerating another’s opinion.”
The highest level was “Advocating and promoting another’s opinion.”

Not to be mistaken with promoting someones “right” to an opinion, but actually “advocating” their ideas!

Who gets to be the winner? This is consensus group-thinking to an extreme.”