The movement to opt out of state testing is spreading in Néw York. State leaders are threatening parents and schools with loss of funding; teachers are threatened with disciplinary action if they encourage parents.


It is your choice.

If everyone stands together, the petty tyrants in Albany can’t do anything.

Here is an email from a parent in Long Island:


I want to make you aware of a movement happening on Long Island, NY.

The NYS ELA standardized tests are are set to begin this Tuesday, and there are many parents who are choosing to opt their children out of the tests.

NYSED is trying to bully the schools into bullying the parents by saying that schools will lose funding if more than 5% op out. Some districts are playing along with the state, but many are cooperating with parents and making accommodations for children who will not take the test. One district even issued a resolution condemning the tests. Isn’t that great?

It would be great if you and your readers would support us. We are on Facebook at “Long Island Opt-out Info.”