Louisiana is in a budget crisis, and Governor Bobby Jindal has been closing hospitals that serve indigent patients and other social services for the needy. He has also been trying to find a way to fund his expensive voucher program, since a state court declared it unconstitutional last fall.

But Teach for America is undaunted by the state’s budget crisis. It has applied for a grant of $5 million.

Blogger Louisiana Voice writes:

“According to the project summary submitted with its application, the money would apparently be used to provide 550 to 700 teachers and 1,000 alumni who would serve as teachers, leaders and “positive change agents (whatever that is) in the lowest income schools throughout the greater New Orleans and greater Baton Rouge areas, central Louisiana, Acadiana and the Louisiana Delta.”

But wait. LouisianaVoice has come across three state contracts with TFA totaling almost $1.6 million to recruit, train and place 570 TFA teachers in the Delta region of Louisiana and the Recovery School District.”

Meanwhile, colleges in Louisiana are producing teachers who can’t find jobs.

Shouldn’t Louisiana be encouraging career educators who plan to stay in their jobs and remain in their communities?