Bruce A. Dixon of Black Agenda Report asks a simple question: Why does the national media ignore mass closings of public schools? He says that if the national media gave as much attention to the school closings as it did to the privatization propaganda films “Waiting for Superman” and the “Won’t Back Down,” the public would be informed and outraged.

Frankly, the idea of blaming schools for low test scores and treating them as “failing” public schools is a brand-new concept, hatched in the late 1990s. Now, the media take it for granted, but the local public is angry. Their anger, however, is seldom reported by the media. And no one is willing to connect the dots.

The privatization of public education is underway, abetted by both Republicans and Democrats who crave the favor of the monied people who contribute to their campaigns and by the innocent idealism of those who believe the free market solves all problems and government is the enemy. There are answers to all these claims, and there will soon be organized efforts to supporters of public education to set the record straight. Stay tuned!