Mother Crusader, a tireless New Jersey mom, discovered a p.r. campaign against those who criticize the siting of charter schools in their community.

The campaign charges that citizens who contacted their public officials to oppose the charter in question were illegally “colluding” against the charter.

The citizens in question–members of Save Our Schools New Jersey– are being sued by the foundation that funds the charter school.

She writes:

“And then two East Brunswick women (full disclosure, I know both well as we are organizers for Save Our Schools NJ) appealed the East Brunswick Zoning Board’s decision to allow Hatikvah to relocate their charter to a warehouse in a light industrial zone. The appeal was successful, and now the Eisenreich Family Foundation, which purchased the warehouse for well over $2 million dollars, is suing not only the Township Council but Cornavaca and Rampolla as well.
It seems that the Eisenreich Foundation and Hatikvah have hired a talking head to barrage the local press with press releases. The latest, an attempted smear of Cornavaca and Rampolla, is priceless.”

I think what this means is that anyone who dares to question their charter school in a public forum should just stop. Right now.

Mother Crusader also announces that she will not permit anonymous comments on her blog, as have appeared on this one.

I understand why she wants people to sign their name.

The reason I allow anonymous comments is that I know how many teachers and principals are afraid to use their real name, for fear of being fired.

Freedom of expression is under assault these days.

So I risk the occasional mis-statement or even invective by anonymous posters to allow freedom of expression to flourish.

My house rules: No profanity; no conspiracy insanity; no insulting me, it’s my blog.

Otherwise, welcome.