Gary Rubinstein has a brilliant idea to make TFA teachers better. His big complaint about TFA is that the organization doesn’t prepare its teachers for a real classroom. They get five weeks of training in the summer, practice teaching for only a few hours in front of small classes, and then take on large classes in poor schools where they confront class management issues that they can’t handle.

Spoiler alert: Gary says they should start their training the day after they graduate college, working as subs in real schools. A simple but smart idea. Will Wendy listen?

TFA now says that it is really not so much about training teachers (which it does for only five weeks, not enough, as Gary says), but about training leaders. Who are TFA’s most prominent leaders? Michelle Rhee, Kevin Huffman, John White. All three are actively working to promote vouchers, charters, and privatization. More leaders like them and public education in the U.S. will be ruined.