Michael Weston got fed up with being bullied.

So he did what he had to do: he is running for the school board.

Good luck, Michael!

We will be rooting for you.

Hi Diane. I am the Hillsborough County, Florida, teacher you featured in your post “Vote for this man for School Board”. Many thanks for that! I want to let you, and any others interested in our fight against Bill Gates, know that my Campaign website, http://michaelweston.org/ is now up and running. There is a volunteer page for an locals wishing to help out, and of course a donate page for anyone, anywhere, who wishes to help us kick Gates our of our school system.

This will be my second run, we had a fantastic showing, but missed the runoff by only 1700 votes out of 100,000 cast. We were outspent by over 7 to 1. We will be outspent this round as well, but will make up for it with feet on the ground!

We also have a Facebook page,

Many thanks for what you do!