What am I missing here?

Dr. Patrick Wolf has made his reputation evaluating voucher plans in Washington, D.C., and Milwaukee, but now we see that he is speaking at a conservative think tank about the “success” of vouchers during a celebration of school choice.

He wrote an opinion piece for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune warning that the state was falling behind in providing school choice.

Can he be an independent evaluator and an advocate of school choice at the same time?

Thursday, January 31
8 – 9 a.m.

De La Salle High School
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Prof. Patrick Wolf
Endowed Chair in School Choice and Education Reform
University of Arkansas

“School choice is a big win for
children and for the broader society”.

Read Prof. Wolf’s Star Tribune Column

As part of National School Choice Week, Dr. Patrick Wolf, one of the nation’s most respected and prolific scholars when it comes to what’s empirically – not just anecdotally – known about school choice in general and vouchers in particular, will discuss the first-rate research that continues to document the very real value of vouchers, tax credits and the like. This is especially the case with many low-income and minority students.

Professor Wolf earned his Ph.D. in political science at Harvard and did his undergraduate work at the University of St. Thomas – which was only right, as he’s a Minnesota native. He’s currently leading an evaluation of the controversial DC Opportunity Scholarship Program, and is also overseeing a national research team conducting an independent evaluation of the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program.

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