The Noble charter chain in Chicago has picked up millions of dollars from the Chicago public school system for running its dozen charter schools.

Next year it is budgeted to receive $69.9 million.

It is also getting a nice chunk of change by fining parents when their children misbehave.

The schools charge $5 for each rule-breaking.

This is not the first complaint about the charter chain’s policy of fining students for misbehavior. Last year, a civil rights group complained after learning that Noble had collected nearly $200,000 in the previous year by fining students.

Apparently, nothing has changed.

In the most recent incident, a mother complains that she has paid $2,000 in fines.

Her son was suspended fifteen times; he was held back a year and required to attend summer school at a cost of $1,400.

His infractions (according to her): Godard said her son’s offenses have included having shoes untied, buttons unbuttoned on his polo shirt and failing to keep eyes focused on the teacher — all at three demerits apiece.

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