I am an educator of 25 years. We had just practiced a lockdown at our Michigan School ironically at the same time this was taking place…9:30am. It sickens me that this happened at a school that had a system in place. The young man who did this had mental illness. Why then would a mother have 5 or 6 guns of this nature in the house and even let him know they were there or where the ammo was? We need stricter laws! I think for one there needs to be a limit on the number that can be in any household. Secondly, I do not think that anyone should have semi or automatic weapons other than the military or law enforcement officials. Hunters don’t need or use glocks to put down a deer. Furthermore, no one but law enforcement and the military needs bulletproof vests. Many of these mass shooters wear this gear so as not to be shot and to do massive damage. They would think twice about entering a place be it a school or movie theater (like Aurora) without their protection, for they want to choose to take their own lives. It is all about control with them. It would be way easier to stop them sooner without the protective wear.
In Michigan legislation is being passed that allows guns in schools. I am appalled and writing our Governor to ask him, in light of this horrific situation, to veto it. Our classrooms are supposed to be warm and caring places. I cannot feel that or safe if I know there is a gun in the room, or worse if I am ever asked to pack one. That is sheer craziness! As a mother, my heart goes out to the parents who lost their children, and the parents who didn’t, for they must comfort their traumatized children and help them heal.They have healing to do themselves. As an educator, my heart goes out to the school psychologist, teachers and principal who so bravely gave their lives to protect their kids and staff. They and the teachers who consoled and protected the surviving children are true heros! This is a small community where everyone knows everyone. They will all be forever changed by this horrific event, but I hope they will find strength in each other as they heal.