Murray Bergtraum High School is literally within view of City Hall in New York City. Just cross a busy intersection and there it is.

It used to be a good school with a good reputation. Sitting in the center of New York City’s financial and governmental activity, it prepared young people for business careers.

No longer. The Bloomberg administration has a policy of preferring small high schools and charter schools. It’s policy for large high schools is, at best, benign neglect, but more often, dumping ground.

Bergtraum became a dumping ground for students who couldn’t go anywhere else. In ten years of Bloomberg-Klein reforms, it went from a good school to a holding pen.

Since NYC’s miraculous test score gains collapsed in 2010, you don’t hear much boasting about the scores.

But you will hear boasting about the graduation rate. You don’t hear much about the credit recovery programs on which the grad rate data rest.

But when you think of Bloomberg and Klein and Eric Nadelstern (quoted in the article), remember Bergtraum.