Governor Rick Snyder must hate public education. Certainly his advisors do.

He has some group of rightwing operatives who have pretentiously named themselves the “Oxford Foundation,” although they are not a foundation and they have nothing to do with Oxford University or Oxford Healthcare or Oxford anything.

This GOP group issues reports on how to disestablish any public responsibility for public education.

The only thing public will be the money. The providers will not be.

Here is the latest scheme from these advocates of privatization.

It is a voucher plan that allows students to take their public money to any private vendor.

It also allows charter schools to have selective enrollment–only those with high test scores, or only those who meet whatever criterion the school chooses–and to charge tuition.

The proposal says nothing about accountability–that, apparently, is only for public schools.

Are the people of Michigan ready to abandon public education?

Are they ready to accept Jeb Bush’s plan to make choosing a school akin to selecting a carton of milk?