A teacher writes to report that the privatization movement plans to take over her school and several others in Memphis.

The schools slated for privatization are not the district’s lowest performing.

She is not pleased and feels sure that the charter operators picked her school because it is doing well, not failing.

Tennessee now has a solid rightwing majority in the state legislature, a rightwing governor, and a TFA state commissioner dedicated to advancing privatization.

Stand for Children is a major presence in the state, assuring that Wall Street money will be available to facilitate privatization and portray it as part of the “civil rights issue” of our day.

The leader of the state’s all-charter Achievement School District, Chris Barbic, who is also TFA, expressed disappointment that the scores in his new district were so low. But it is customary for administrators to low-ball scores when starting new so they have nowhere to go but up. In the new district, teachers will be paid by test scores, not by degrees or experience. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and it Is never too soon to learn that lesson.

Tennessee was one of the first two Race to the Top states in the nation, and we should soon expect to see Tennessee at the very top. It’s fulfilling all of Secretary Duncan’s expectations. Charters and TFA are flourishing. Collective bargaining rights were eliminated. Teachers are being evaluated by test scores. The Common Core has been installed. Public schools are being handed over to every manner of entrepreneur. What more is needed for success?