Because of your votes, Marie Corfield was selected by the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee as one of its top ten priority races.

This should help her get national funding!

Thank you!

A teacher for State Legislature in New Jersey!


Diane —

This morning, we unveiled the DLCC’s 2012 Essential Races list – a list of 60 key state legislative races around the country that will help show which way political tides are turning this election season.

As part of this year’s list, we set aside ten spaces specifically for grassroots nominations, and thousands of Democratic supporters like you from all over America answered our call for nominations.

With the nomination period now complete, we are pleased to present the ten Grassroots Essential Races that you helped choose:

Colorado House District 23: Max Tyler
Colorado Senate District 26: Linda Newell
Florida House District 30: Karen Castor Dentel
Illinois House District 62: Sam Yingling
Maine Senate District 25: Colleen Lachowicz *Second-Most Nominations
Michigan House District 63: Bill Farmer
New Hampshire House District 39 (Hillsborough): Aaron Gill
New Jersey Assembly District 16: Marie Corfield *Most Nominations
Pennsylvania House District 3: Ryan Bizzarro
Pennsylvania House District 104: Chris Dietz *Third-Most Nominations

Please click here to read more about these 10 Grassroots Essential Races and what makes them so significant.

For the complete list of this year’s Essential Races, including those chosen by the DLCC, please click here.