Coach Bob Sikes blogs about Florida, where he teaches.

He just sent me his latest post, which shows that Florida has lost ground in its national rankings in both business and education under Governor Rick Scott.

Of course, Governor Scott listens closely to whatever former Governor Jeb Bush says, since he is now seen as a national authority on the subject of choice and educational excellence. But, somehow, those two big guys together blew it.

In CNBC’s rankings of the best states to do business, Florida fell from #18 to #29. Governor Scott likes to boast that he will make it #1, but the state seems to be headed in the wrong direction.

CBNC also ranked the states for their education, and Florida’s ranking fell from #35 to #42. It seems that businesses not only want to find a pool of well-educated workers, they also want to find good schools for their families. Florida, the home of school choice, is not doing such a good job on that score.

But don’t expect Jeb Bush to stop bragging about the Florida miracle. It just seems to have been a bubble, or like most miracles, a mirage.