Eugene Robinson, columnist for the Washington Post, wrote this persuasive commentary:

What would a president have to do, hypothetically, to get this Congress to impeach him?

Obstruct a Justice Department investigation, perhaps? No, apparently that’s not enough. What about playing footsie with a hostile foreign power? Abusing his office to settle personal grievances? Using instruments of the state, including the justice system, to attack his perceived political opponents? Aligning the nation with murderous foreign dictators while forsaking democracy and human rights? Violating campaign-finance laws with disguised hush-money payments to alleged paramours? Giving aid and comfort to neo-Nazis and white supremacists? Defying requests and subpoenas from congressional committees charged with oversight? Refusing to protect our electoral system from malign foreign interference? Cruelly ripping young children away from their asylum-seeking parents? Lying constantly and shamelessly to the American people, to the point where not a single word he says or writes can be believed?

President Trump has done all of this and more. If he doesn’t warrant the opening of an impeachment inquiry, what president ever would?

Impeachment is a risky strategy, many say, because it will excite Trump’s mean-spirited base. But aren’t they already at fever pitch, waiting for the next word or tweet from him?

Impeachment will fail, they say, because the Senate will never vote too convict. That is true, or that may be true, but since Trump has stonewalled the House of Representatives and refused to turn over any documents or to allow anyone in his administration to testify, an impeachment may be the only way that the House can fulfill its Constitutional duty of oversight. Trump has shredded the Constitution by treating the House as a nuisance, not a co-equal part of the federal government.

Nancy Pelosi once said off-handedly that Trump was “self-impeaching.” I took that to mean that his utter contempt for the Constitution was forcing the House to impeach him. I hope they oblige him.