Unlike most readers, I remember the origins of the charter movement. We were promised that charter schools would cost less, deliver better results, and if they failed, be held accountable.

None of these promises were kept. Charters demand the same amount of funding as public schools. Few, other than those that choose students carefully and exclude low-performing students, get better results than public schools. Many fail, some close because of academic or financial failure.

Some fail yet never close.

That’s the case in Nevada.

Clark County teacher Angie Sullivan writes here about the lack of any accountability for charters:


Extreme waste.

Market forces versus Acccountability.

30 years and zero failing charters have been closed.

The Teacher’s Union does support choice. It does NOT support extreme waste.


NPRI continues to support extreme waste.

The adherence to school choice as a concept when it has primarily produced expensive low-performing alternatives like failing Nevada charters is ridiculous.

NVDOE and the Charter Authority needs to close these extreme failures.

Folks mislead by for-profit ads enter into market created classrooms or on-lines which claim to educate but fail to graduate is an abuse of tax payer funds.

When half Nevada’s charters are floundering is academic disfunction and bankruptcy – it is time to close them down.

NPRI needs to stop being the chief proponent of educational waste, while also publishing the Nevada Charter disfunction on their website. Evidence is collected by NPRI of extreme choice waste. The irony does not escape anyone.

$350 million in waste.

Get a grip on your choice.

No one wants to flush $350 Million down the drain.

Extremists who cling to alt-right rhetoric while ignoring the market fails to correct waste or create viable innovation – are a threat to us all and our pockets.

NPRI unintentionally makes a case for regulation. It publishes criticism of Nevada’s charters on its own website. Who do you think will get that waste under control? Advocating for charter monopoly is not choice.

The teacher’s union supports regulation to prevent waste – for both educational choice and energy.

We do not believe in extreme on-going draining waste.

Close down the 40 Nevada Charter Campuses which are extreme failures and I will believe in NPRI is a conservative group again.

Also, Teachers do not support discrimination on any level. That is a sad Nevada Charter Story for another day. White flight is the main achievement of Nevada Charters.

Get a grip on that too.

The Teacher