Since his inauguration, Donald Trump has been obsessed with two issues of fact. He asserted repeatedly that the crowd at his swearing-in was larger than the crowd for Obama in 2009, despite the fact that aerial photographs showed this was not true. At one point, he ordered the National Park Service to stop issuing estimates of the crowd. Photographs take along the parade route, as his car passed, showed empty spaces, barely a single row of spectators.


The second fact that obseeses him is him is that Hillary Clinton received nearly 3 million votes more than he did. He keeps repeating his claim that 3-5 million “illegals” voted, presumably for her. This is his attempt to claim the popular vote.


The Washington Post says that his failure to tell the truth threatens the credibility of his presidency.


Republicans are puzzled. Why is he questioning the legitimacy of his own election?


The New York Times did something it has never done before: it had a headline on the front page saying that Trump lied about the vote totals.


what does all this mean? Trump’s a spoiled child who needs to be told that whatever he does is the biggest and the best. Trump can’t tell the difference between fact and his own opinions. Trump is a narcissist. Trump is delusional. Trump can’t be believed.