The New York Legislature will decide whether to reappoint four members of the New York Regents on Tuesday. All four have passively supported the botched implementation of the Common Core and CC testing. They should be replaced.

A message from award-winning Long Island principal Carol Burris:


This Tuesday, the NY legislature will vote yea or nay on the re-appointment of the 4 incumbent Regents.  Often New Yorkers hear that the legislature does not control education policy and therefore there is little that can be done to influence the course of testing and the Common Core.
This, the appointment of the Regents, is a NY representative’s  best and most direct opportunity to influence educational policy and be responsive to the thousands who came out to express their unhappiness at forums across New York State.  
The Regents cannot be allowed to shirk this important duty. Do not let them off the hook.
New Yorkers write to your representative and send a simple message: Vote “no” for the re-appointment of the four incumbents. Even if that means four seats not filled, it sends a powerful message of change. If teachers are to be held accountable, those who make policy should be too. Follow up with a phone call.
Let them know you will be watching.
You can find their contact information here:
twitter #RejectTheRegents