EduShyster tells a sad story of the utter irresponsibility and–oh, I can’t think of a better word than “idiocy”–of Massachsetts officials.

Local and state officials are “turning around” Néw Bedford High School by firing half the teachers.

“Ahoy, matey! That great looming specter in the distance is not a mighty white whale but New Bedford High School being turned upside down and shaken till 50% of its teachers fall out. School turnaround time has come to this scenic, hard-scrabble seaport and our trusty state education captains have launched a full sail operation to convince New Bedford residents that throwing half of the high school’s teachers overboard is the only way to reach the distant shores of Excellence. But are the captains on a fool’s errand that could end up capsizing the ship of public education in the Whaling City?”

What they do not admit is that such actions have failed everywhere else. What they do not admit is that the most successful turnaround was Brockton High School, where no one was fired but the school instead collaborated on literacy across all subjects.

So what gives?

Faddishness. Bad policy. Slavish devotion to Race to the Top’s failed remedies. Maybe some consultants making a bundle to “turnaround” the school by firing everyone, whether it makes sense or not.

When will we see an end to this nonsensical charade?