The ACLU is protesting disciplinary actions taken against high school students in Warwick, Rhode Island.

The students tweeted something negative about State Superintendent Deborah Gist. Whatever they tweeted was not reported in this story.

The story said: “Several students called Gist names on Twitter following a story in the Journal in which about 35 adults took a portion of the New England Common Assessment or NECAP, deeming it very difficult. Several questioned if should be linked to high school graduation.”

Some of the students tweeted on school time. Some tweeted from home.

At a time when school officials are breaking the budget to put all students online, policing what they say online is going to be a full-time job for someone.

You have to wonder whose job it is now to follow Twitter and scrutinize what students are saying.

One of the comments said that the state test should include the study of the Constitution.

Since when did it become illegal or bad behavior to criticize government officials?

Wasn’t Roger Williams a founding father of Rhode Island? Wasn’t it founded as a refuge for religious and political dissent? When did Rhode Island become a state that punishes dissenters?