Education Week reports that there was no significant difference between the performance of eighth grade students in Finland and the US in mathematics on the TIMSS.

Four American states had higher scores in eighth grade mathematics on TIMSS than Finland: Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Indiana.

This is not what you hear in the media, nor what you hear from the corporate reformers in these states, who are still crying wolf about the “crisis” in public education and the need to turn public schools over to private management as soon as possible.

Finland excels on the PISA exams, which tests have students use their learning to solve real-life problems. The TIMSS exams are aligned with the curriculum. Take your pick.

As I have written before and will write again, we should forget the horse race.

Once a nation reaches a certain level of economic and social development, the test scores predict nothing and are of far less importance than income inequality, poverty, and the physical and mental health of its people.