If you want to see a demonstration of the bipartisan consensus around bad ideas, read this interview with former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

Bush talks about his great success in Florida and his strong support for Governor Rick Scott, who has been wreaking havoc with the lives of Florida’s public school teachers. Of course, Bush is thrilled with this and is probably pulling the strings as the Legislature cracks the whip on their backs.

He is a strong supporter of the Common Core state standards and acknowledges that he intervened with ALEC, the far-right group of state legislators, to persuade them not to denounce the national standards. He defends ALEC and tries to paint the group as a group of “center-right” legislators, not the anti-government, pro-privatization lobby that became famous for promoting “Stand Your Ground” laws and voter suppression laws.

He is very happy with President Obama’s Race to the Top, and why shouldn’t he be? Race to the Top contains everything that pleases rightwing Republicans like Bush. It green-lights more testing and more privatization. And it hammers teachers by tying their fate to test scores.

And of course he is enthusiastic about the “reforms” passed by Governor Jindal in Louisiana, Governor Daniels in Indiana, and others on the far-right.

In your wildest dreams, did you ever imagine a consensus that stretched from Obama to Jindal? Did you ever dream that education would be the issue that would be common ground for a Democratic President and the rightwing of the Republican party?