George Floyd’s brother Terrence spoke at the scene of the crime in Minneapolis and called for peace. On behalf of his family, he called for an end to the looting and vandalism. He urged people to “do this peacefully.” Educate yourself, vote. “Peace on the left. Justice on the right.”

Watch this 11-minute video.

Terrence Floyd recognizes that looting and vandalism are not productive or acceptable forms of protest. The Constitution protects peaceable assembly. Marches, protests, dissent are protected by the Constitution, no matter what people say or how noisy they are. Actions such as smashing windows, looting and theft, vandalism, burning and destroying buildings are criminal. They are not protected “speech.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. advocated for nonviolence because it endows protestors with moral authority. Criminal behavior strips away moral authority. Terrence Floyd knows this.

The civil disorders of 1966-1968 did not produce progress. They elected Richard Nixon as the man who promised to restore “law and order.” The current looting and vandalism can help re-elect a man who has openly supported racism and promoted policies that undermine social and economic justice. Those who are breaking windows and grabbing loot are helping Trump, not the cause of justice.

Listen to Terrence Floyd. Educate yourself. Vote. Vote. Vote.