Opting Out is the best way to say NO to the machine. 

It is the only way to stop the machine from sorting and processing your child.

When you opt out, you join a mighty force of determined parents. Determined to protect their child.

Carol Burris writes for NPE Action:

“The NYS Common Core exams begin this week. Although we are glad that the tests are shorter in length, there is no indication that the content of the tests and the proficiency levels have changed.

“When content is too difficult and curriculum is developmentally inappropriate, learning is negatively impacted. This is especially true for young children. The result is not higher achievement but rather frustration and stress. While you can excessively test prep to produce high scores, that does not mean that a deep understanding has occurred.

“That is why Opt Out is still important. It is how New Yorkers send a powerful message that they want curriculum that fosters a love of learning and intellectual growth. They do not want skill and drill pressure for inappropriately set benchmarks.”

Opt out.