On April 20, education organizations are joining forces to protest gun violence and demand action from state and federal legislatures. We call it a Day of Action Against Gun Violence.

The Network for Public Education, the NEA, and the AFT are coordinating mass actions in every school district across the nation. Our goal is to ignite political action to stop gun violence.

We invite communities to choose their own strategies to raise consciousness and the will to keep fighting for change. We have suggested actions such as strikes, walk outs, sit-ins, teach-ins, a march to your legislators’ offices, candlelight vigils, arms of parents and teachers clasped around the school. Do what is best for your communities. Work with parents, educators, and students. We assume that thousands of parents, students, and teachers can devise more creative and ingenious ways to demonstrate and protest against gun violence than the organizational leaders can. We invite you to crowdsource your actions and share them with us.

Every student deserves the right to learn in a safe school, without fear of gun violence.

The following organizations have just joined our Day of Action:

Defending the Early Years

The California Teachers Association

Public Schools First, North Carolina

There will be many more.

We expect to have orange armbands on our website soon. Orange is the color signifying support for gun control.