Chris in Florida describes here his attempt to introduce “close reading” as required by the Common Core. No one who wrote the Common Core ever taught elementary school. Yet they have imposed the Néw Criticism on young children who don’t yet know how to read.

Chris writes:

“Yep. I’m forced to test my 1st graders on tests where they are expected to do a close reading of a passage and answer complex, text-evidenced questions all because of David Coleman and CCSS.

“It is ridiculous. In that wonderful 1st grade way of creating one’s own reality many of my children WHO CAN’T READ YET simply select random answers, smile, and move on to something far more developmentally appropriate and fun.

“This idiocy is obvious even to 6-year olds. One said to me yesterday: “Teacher, why do they think I can answer those questions when I can’t read yet and they won’t let the computer read it to me?”

“Why, indeed? David Coleman, ‘rigor’, ‘grit’, and BS are the only logical explanation for this farce.

“As I find time I am going to create a Hall of Shame website of all of these reformers to document in one handy place the parade of idiots who have wreaked destruction on my precious little ones. They should be tarred and feathered.”