Mercedes Schneider is a Wonder Woman of data. She teaches high school English in Louisiana, holds a Ph.D. in research methods, and writes lengthy, carefully documented articles when she is not teaching.

I can’t wait to see her book, which will be published in 2014.

When the so-called “Center for Union Facts” purchased a full-page ad in the New York Times to attack Randi Weingarten and teachers’ unions for the alleged “decline” in PISA scores, Schneider wrote a post exposing that the CUF is neither a “center” nor does it deal in “facts.” It is a public relations firm that represents rightwing corporate interests and specializes in union-busting, among its other unsavory projects.

I also wrote a post about CUF, describing my personal encounter with its president Richard Berman at a conference of rightwing  philanthropies, where he explained his campaign to discredit teachers’ unions.

CUF wrote a response, attacking me and ignoring Schneider’s expose of their funding.

In this post, Schneider blasts back. It is Mercedes at her best, the dogged researcher who is principled, courageous, witty, and fearless.

Let’s see if the CUF has the nerve to go after Mercedes.

I place my bets on her.